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garage door repair mississauga

Garage Door Repair Mississauga

Garage Door Cables Repair

At Garage Door Repair Mississauga we offer cost effective solutions to cable problems in your garage. It is very rare that the cable itself can be repaired. If the item is broken it will need to be replaced. Our service vans are loaded with a wide range of garage door cables to ensure we have the right one for your particular system. In some cases, the cable has slipped off the drum and can be adjusted and tightened. We offer cost efficient solutions that ensure complete customer satisfaction.Garage Door Cables Mississauga

Your Garage Door Cables Broke. What Do You Do?

You just realized your garage door cables snapped. What should you do? Your first course of action should be to give us a call. We will send a qualified tech out on the double to fix the problem. Until our technician arrives, keep everyone away from the door because it could be a safety hazard. Our service vehicle is stocked with quality products so we can offer fast and efficient garage door cables replacement service.

Garage Door Cables Keep Coming Off

If your garage door cables came off the drum, do not be alarmed. One of our qualified technicians can easily place it back on the track. As with any mechanical system, nuts and bolts will loosen up with wear and tear. With your garage door cable off the drum, your system will not operate. We respond with urgency to resolve such issues.

Mississauga garage door cables are prone to snap or come off the drum after many door opening and closing rotations. Once broken, they cannot be patched back together. Complete replacement is the most viable solution. If it has simply slipped off the track, we will put it back on and tighten it down. Make Garage Door Repair Mississauga your number one choice for service on the cables in your garage.